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January 30, 2007

Due to the publicly known reasons, this blog at has been not accessible at China for a long time till last Spring festival (Feb.2006). It’s very difficult for me to update and manage this blog, while most of my readers from mainland can not read it since then. So I decide move it to a new site with good performance.

Hope you guys can change your bookmark and RSS feeds. I am sorry for the unconvenience for this move. Thanks for the great pleasure WP community gave me.


Instant Rails 1.3

April 25, 2006

Rails is an outstanding rapid web-application development framework. It help by far simplify the time and prerequisite to web riders. Now you even have a quick gun to accelerate the installation and usage of Rails. That's Instant Rails. The below is the release information for its latest release 1.3. Read the rest of this entry »

Rails releases latest version 1.1.0

March 29, 2006

At March 28, the ruby-based open source rapid application development framework – Rails released its latest version 1.1.0 with a bunch of new features and plugins. See their official site at:

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January 10, 2006

博客之外有播客 – 昨日Ruby-based PodCatcher release 1.3.1发布。Podcatcher是一款用于播客Podcast的命令行界面的客户端,它使用Ruby语言开发,


  • Ruby的流行:Ruby作为一种面向对象的解释性语言正在展示其开发优势,并且正在积累越来越多的应用
  • 博客之外的播客:除了木子美的播客之外,还有更多的多媒体博客Blog-播客PodCast正在更多的普及,乃至产生了这样的需求:自动抽取播客中的播放源并产生播放列表
  • P2P技术及其应用逐渐成为基础平台:联想到前些天关于Firefox的P2P插件Allpeers的报导,浏览器和P2P的无缝结合很快就会成为一种缺省。远程协作和共享也直接推进着P2P的应用。
  • 以及互联网上关于音频和视频的争夺愈演愈烈。Yahoo!收购互联网播放表Playlist共享公司WebJay也是一个证明。

另外,WinPodder也是新近发表的免费工具,它支持RSS订阅,帮助你订阅收听收看各种Audio/Video Podcast.


December 29, 2005

Have you on-rails today? Ruby on Rails or simply Rails are really a hot topic at the weblogers and blogers. This post share with you my direct experience when first step after getting my hand dirty.
我的操作系统是Windows,下载Ruby后点击安装非常简单,假设安装在D:\ruby,其中已经附带了Rubygems软件包管理程序,然后到Rubyforge.org那里下载standalone版本的Rails到本地,记得是个gem文件,然后 d:\RoR> gem install rails

D:\RoR> “d:\ruby\bin\ruby.exe” “d:\ruby\bin\gem” install rails
Attempting local installation of ‘rails’
Successfully installed rails, version 1.0.0 Read the rest of this entry »