Skype Based Remote Desktop & Netmeeting

Skype has been providing us an transparent overlay network that can bypass firewalls and NATs. The most attractive point is its opening of its API, the Web2.0 style of interoperability. So numerous novel applications are invented at the SkypeNet. This time I was surprised by one “share” application named Unyte by

Unyte brings us Skype based remote desktop and netmeeting capability to “share documents, presentations, applications or even your entire desktop in real time with anyone, anywhere, anytime”. It help reflect the concept of virtual office and real-time remote collaboration. Though Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger is rolling out the similar features, Unyte will succeed in fighting for its living space with Skype base.

At China, Dianji, founded by the famous Internet pioneer, Mr. Wang Zhidong, is a software company focusing on collaborative tools. Their GeneKing series products have been serving for a lot of Chinese customers. They released their multimedia commnication software Lava-Lava a few months ago. It’s a full-fledged IM software wich audio/video talk and conference functionality. However, Dianji has a relatively weak brand and install base at the IM market. Joint-venture or some styles of collaborations with those big players might be a good way for their Lava-Lava.

How to secure the enterprise’s network perimeter eroded by numerous IM/P2P applications always are the top considerations of IT managers. The acquisition of IMLogic by Symantec reflects the trends and potential, with higher recognition by those security and infrastructure management software vendors, such as Computer Associates, IBM, HP and McAfee.

Although the encrytion algorithm used by Skype, AES, is strong enough for personal and common enterprise users. However, the lack of management interface and tools will be the obstruct to its adoption at EIM market. Alternatively, considering the openness and extensibility of Jingle/Jabber, It’s easy to predict that there will be a series of collaborative tools or platform based on Jingle/Jabber that will be emerging at 2006 to meet the demands from SOHO/SMB.


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