Domain Name of Those VIP

September 30, 2005

I have been trying to find a domain name for my site. I found those common names (including .com,.net, .cn, .org) have been registered already. I checked a few of those chiefs in China. If you wang to, you can check more.

The following domain names have been registered:



Deep Defense System for IT security

September 30, 2005

There are various kinds of security threats that enterprise IT systems must face and implement security controls to mitigate them. Different threats must be treated with different security countermeasures. Refer to the below diagram, the information assets at the hosts are presumed to be the most important to protect. Internet hackers, internal abuse, mis-operations and other  threats  resources must be taken into considertation when designing a defense-in-depth security system. Host based access control, audit, IDS, firewalls, and the central security management software are what you can make use of.  The challenge is to balance the security investment and the outcome. So you’d better to take a risk assessment to quantify the security risk and corresponding distribution, associated with the assets, line of business and etc.


Defense-in-depth – My new personal domain name

September 30, 2005

It’s so exciting to get my new personal domain name start to work. I configured the URL forwarding so that you can access the URL at:

to reach this blog. will be my permenant personal domain name.  If you have collect my blog URL in your favorites folder, please update the entry to this one.


“抽成”近半天价合同谁得利 小巨人淡看付之一笑

September 29, 2005


...... 2002年,在姚明去火箭之前,姚明的家人和上海东方俱乐部、上海体育局等相关部门展开了艰难的谈判,双方一度 闹得很不开心,都有“心寒了“的感觉。不过最后还是达成了一致,姚明自己“买断合同”的金额大概在800-1500万美元。具体数字没有对外公布,但记者 了解是八位数的美元。这样,姚明的转会费相当于一千多万美元,尽管当时姚明本人对此不是很理解,还半开玩笑地说,他从小学选拔到少体校的钱不过才30元。 但比照足球界的惯例和中国的具体国情来说,1000多万美元也是正常的,姚明肯定值这个价。 ......


Gmail Drive Shell Extension

September 29, 2005

Today I downloaded the famous Gmail Drive Shell Extension and installed it for a test. Oops, it’s wonderful. I found it supports not only Secure HTTP, but also even the proxy, and authentication. Great tool!

GMail Drive -GMail Shell Namespace Extension
Copyright(C) 2005 Bjarke Viksoe

This software, including all accompanying files, is provided “AS IS” and without any warranties as to performance or merchantability or any other warranties whether expressed or implied.


How to delete the pictures uploaded?

September 29, 2005

Hello, by accident, i uploaded a wrong picture. it’s not small. so i want to delete it.

Who knows how to delete it?

Thanks in advance. 

Relationship between IM and P2P

September 29, 2005

IM (Instant Message) and P2P(Peer to Peer) are two of the most popular terms at Internet at the moment. This below diagram depicts the relationship between them with examples. What they are bring to end users, software vendors and the internet service providers? business opportunities, security threats. what’s your opinion?

IM and P2P