Will RSS steal away your page view?

When we had dinner for CCClub Beijing gathering yesterday evevning, I suggest Billy adding RSS feed to the web site. Billy told me his thinking that RSS might steal away much pageview of the website and thus lower the readers' stickiness.  I don't think so.

When you prepare to roll out your RSS feed, you must be thinking those feed readers might won't click to the "original page", so that your page view will be eroding.  It seems to be a reasonable thinking. But my first question is why you run your web site?  second question is why so many web sites are hurrying to advertise their RSS feed?

If some of your RSS items always won't bring your subscribers to further clicking, there might be two reasons: your content is just not absorbing enough, and the content is just enough at that moment. For the first case, of course it's not the fault of readers. You need to better your content or they are not your reader objectives, ie. wrong subscription without hurt to both parties.  For the second case, you have succeed in getting to your goal : to broadcast your message, why not further waste your bandwidth and adding server load.  You lose nothing but those sterile pageviews.

Rather, RSS might bring something good that you overlook. RSS feed by far ease the accessibility and readibility. As a result, your message will reach more desktops than just staying at your web site.
Buddy, just go RSS. It won't steal your page view and erode your reader stickiness at all. It will do good.


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