Incredible Skype censoreship by China reports that "Skype says texts are censored by China" by Alison Maitland. It's incredible, both from technical and political aspects. I do believe it's a distorted story by western reporters. Every skypers can testify the lie and absurdness. It betrays the fact that the scepticism and bias to China are expanded from VoIP to text chat. See what he said at the below:

Skype, the fast-growing internet communications company that belongs to Ebay, has admitted that its partner in China has filtered text messages, defending this compliance with censorship laws as the only way to do business in the country. In a Financial Times interview, Niklas Zennström, Skype’s chief executive, responded to accusations that the company had censored text messages containing words like “Falun Gong” – a banned movement – and “Dalai Lama”. He said that Tom Online, its joint venture partner in China, was complying with local law.

“Tom had implemented a text filter, which is what everyone else in that market is doing,” said Mr Zennström. “Those are the regulations.”

He claimed that compliance with Chinese censorship was no different from obeying rules governing business in western countries. China, along with the US and Germany, is one of Skype’s three biggest markets in terms of active users of its free telephony service, which routes encrypted calls between computers via the internet.

Entering the controversy that has seen Yahoo, Google and Microsoft heavily criticised for working with China’s censorship rules, Mr Zennström said: “I may like or not like the laws and regulations to operate businesses in the UK or Germany or the US, but if I do business there I choose to comply with those laws and regulations. I can try to lobby to change them, but I need to comply with them. China in that way is not different.”


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