Force10 release 10GE IDS/IPS

Force10 P-seriesForce10 is getting into a new territory by the release of its P-series 10GE/GE IDS/IDP yesterday. Basically speaking, it's the first 10G IDS/IDP products in the market. Force10 P-series products includes P-10, which has two 10GE ports, and P-1, which has two 1GE ports. They can work like with SPAN from switches lieke IDS's , and in-line like IPS's. Force10 will compete against Juniper, Cisco, Fortinet, 3Com and other high-end IDS/IPS/UTM vendors.

It's a bit astonishing that 2x10GE port P-10 is condensed into a 1U rack mountable box. Based on its patented DPI (deep packet inspection) technology, P-series engines run at full line-rate for GbE or 10 GbE network links with full deep-packet inspection and stateful signatures/policies enabled.

While they're at it, Force10 officials are taking a swipe at the mainstream security market with the P-1, a similar two-port box for Gigabit Ethernet lines.

MetaNetworks was shipping its own products, but those are subsumed by the P-series, which Force10 believes is more suitable for volume shipments. Force10 officials have said they'll eventually turn MetaNetworks's FPGA-based technology into a series of blades.

Any lead Force10 has in 10-Gbit/s security might not last long. Fortinet Inc. admits it doesn't have a 10-Gbit/s intrusion detection and prevention box, but the company pledges it will "announce something, probably within the next couple of months," a spokeswoman says.

Both of the P-series systems are shipping in production, with the P-10 listed at $95,000 and the P-1 at $38,000.

Click here for the datasheet.


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