First lawsuit on P2P infringing on copyrights at China

The first lawsuit on copyrights infringing by P2P software at mainland, China, was reported yesterday.

Kuro is a web site company providing music share services with their P2P based software. According to its website logo, it provides downloading and sharing of more than half a million MP3 pop songs and other music, using a software named Kuro, which is reported to be developed by a Taiwan software company.

A music and culture company at Shanghai, Busheng, claimed that Kuro illegally spreads up to 59 songs, owned by them, without any payment and even notification.

P2P is a sort of excellent technical model to allow mass file downloading and sharing. The number of P2P based applications is keep a rocket growth, along with strong law dissention. A couple of countries are legislating to regulate the development and application of P2P sharing and downloading. In greater China region, first law suit on BT (the most famous file sharing software based P2P) was reported at HongKong at last year, where the defendants were sentenced guilty and put into prison for 3 months.

Although the P2P sharing companies are often harassed by legal issues, but nobody would like to overlook their potentials to impact the Internet. A recent acquisition report of VeryCD by Google betrayed the background business value of such P2P sharing platforms. VeryCD is the central government of the new-rich P2P sharing platform – eMule, where you can find numerous movies, songs, books, and other electronic media, sharing by those millions of eMulers.


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