Facetime Enterprise Edition won SC Magazine’s “Best IM Security” award for 2006

IT and security managers are paying more and more attention to those threats introduced by the blooming IM and P2P applications. The demands pump the growth of IM/P2P security market. The acquisition of IMLogic by Symantec bolstered the morale of vendors and VC in this area. The independent biggest boy – Facetime is striving to make their bigger fortune by release of their newest version of IMAuditor Enterprise Edition 7.0.

FaceTime IM Auditor

It’s a “Comprehensive Solution for Managing Inbound Threats, Information Leakage and Regulatory Compliance”, with “broader support for IM including Skype 2.0, WebEx support for logging and archival of chat sessions within a web meeting, and enhanced reporting for multiple public and enterprise instant messaging solutions including Microsoft Live Communications Server, IBM Lotus SameTime, Reuters, Parlano, and Jabber.” remarked at marketwatch. See the following feature changes at IMAuditor 7.0:

  • — Administrator Dashboards — Role-based dashboards in IMAuditor 7 provide a snapshot of key traffic and configuration information to administrators and reviewers, allowing them to monitor operationsand easily drill down for further details.
  • — Enhanced Visibility and Reporting — Enables organizations more detailed visibility with several new security reports for SpIM, Day Zero URL blocking and Restricted Phrase filters. Allows creation of customer reports in either table or chart formats, and also enables scheduled delivery of reports in HTML and .PDF formats.
  • – New User Interface (UI) — All Enterprise Edition components now share a consistent UI with special emphasis on usability and ease of navigation. The user interface has been designed to anticipate common user actions and provide logical groups of related operations to help administrators accomplish their tasks more effectively and in less time.
  • — WebEx Support — Ensures compliance by logging and archiving integrated WebEx chat sessions using existing messaging archiving solutions.
  • — Skype 2.0 and QQ Support — Utilizes behavioral-based detections of session behavior and other attributes to allow enterprises to control and enforce policy on the latest versions of Skype and QQ communications. — Anti-virus Scanning — Adds support for Computer Associates eTrust to the list of supported third-party products for virus scanning of IM-based file attachments.

See detailed product description at Facetime.com.

It’s very impressive to find Skype2.0 and QQ in its support list. Skype is the most toughest P2P application to detect and control, while QQ is the most popular IM application in China.

“There will be more and more of these (greynet) applications coming on to the market, while other IM networks such as Yahoo were starting to add Skype-like features to avoid detection.” TechWorld reported.

“The adoption of instant messaging applications and their rapid convergence with P2P, VoIP, and Web conferencing technologies can expose organisations to significant business risks,” agreed Robert Mahowald of IDC.


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