Net neutrality concerns and China’s Telecommunication Act

March 30, 2006

CNET reported public, drastic debate of the Net Neutrality, and careful considerations of a bill at backside, among stakeholders. As the representatives of the new voice from internet, those giants, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft criticized that the Net Neutrality bill might bring unpredicted potential demage to the internet users, while leaving a loophole to those triple-players or tradional operators who own and operate the internet transmission services. A good blog post pointed out what the world will become if the net neutrality is killed off:

In other words, customers might only get to run applications approved by the carriers. Not only would that result in dramatically higher costs for consumers and businesses, but many speculate it would seriously hamper innovation.

Of course, there must be a long way for the Net Neutrality into a real bill, but this kind of argument will help improve the maturity,integrity, fairness, will eventually benefit the end users.

At China, the anticipated Telecommunications Act is not enacted yet, under longer than 25 year's tough development. The Act, at its draft stage, according to the MII, will be finalized at 2006. It was said the reason for continuously postponing was the uncertainty of the convergency of three networks (telephone, vedio, and data). Comparing to the openness and public participation reflected by the above report, we might better our legislation process to let more people and experts, enterprises involved.

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