McAfee Still Leads Symantec In Worldwide ISP Security ?

March 2, 2006

An interesting new at said that McAfee Still Leads Symantec In Worldwide ISP Security. That’s by far different at China, where, IMHO, Trendmicro and Symantec lead the anti-virus market at ISP security, while Symantec is competing against CA at other ISP security products.

Piper Jaffray senior research analyst Gene Munster said McAfee maintains the lead over Symantec in internet service provider security

In the U.S., McAfee’s ISP relationships cover about 33.7 million subscribers, while Symantec’s cover about 8.5 million subscribers, according to the analyst. In Europe, McAfee’s relationships cover approximately 0.6 million subscribers, while Symantec (nasdaq: SYMC
news  people ) covers about 15 million subscribers.

“The trend of more ISPs offering free anti-virus, anti-spyware, and pop-up blocker software to customers has seemingly stabilized,” the analyst said in a report Tuesday.

All 16 ISPs that the analyst checked offer anti-virus or anti-spyware software or both. Recently, EarthLink (nasdaq: ELNK news people
) began offering free Symantec antivirus protection when it terminated its $3.95 fee.

Additionally, AT&T (nyse: Tnews people ) displaced Zone Labs with Webroot for anti-spyware protection and currently has no antivirus provision, according to Munster.

The research analyst maintained ratings of “outperform” on both McAfee (nyse: MFE news people ) and Symantec.