Netclarity’s VQS and FirewallBooster

Auditor is a vulnerability management product by Netclarity. It helps security administrators manage vulnerabilities based on its vul. database which is synchonized to CVE remotely. VQS and Firewallbooster are highlights of this product.

VQS(Vulnerability Quarantine System) is a sort of clientless (agentless) vulnerability management tech. It uses technology-mapping to identify the OS and applications of the target of protection. If some vulnerabilities of high priority are found, then it can notify the firewalls (or routers, swithces) to filter out the corresponding networking communication related to those vulnerabilities or even the whole host. Netclarity calls it "Firewallbooster" technology. Although "Firewallbooster" is policy based, I am afraid it will scare the administrators away by high "false positive", especially for those mission critical back-end servers.

Compared with CA's eTrust Vulnerability Manager, IMHO, Netclarity's Auditor doesn't provide any advantages to the customer at all, while it lacks auto inventory and built-in risk model.


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