Data Security – More Attention in 2006

More and more network security incidents were reported at 2005, resulted from worms and viruses, network phishing, bot network attack, credit card number divulge, personal information leakage and so on. See the analysis article at Though most of these reports are from the other regions of the world, the ciscumstances won’t be better for China. For a conservative prediction, that’s at least the tommorrow of China.

It’s becoming more popular for Chinese people to buy something at e-shops, paying by their credit cards and deposit cards. That means more and more sensitive information are transported at the Internet and stored at somewhere not under good-enough protection.

Mobile phone numbers are somewhat a goods with clear price at the market. As a result, it’s a tough task for mobile operators to protect their account information against those advertisement SMS providers.

At the journey of SOX compliance of those public list companies, financial data, from the birth to every process point, must be protected against illegal modification and leakage.

Security managers must have their team pay more attention to data security to investigate the business requirements and their action taken at 2006.


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