Long long ago, there was a security tool named L0phtCrack

December 30, 2005

A little bit surprise to me when I read the news at the Register about the software export regulations subject to Symantec’s password crack software – named LC5, which came from the acquisition of @stake. Oops, LC 5 is the commercial version of a password auditing / breaking tool better known as L0phtCrack.

L0phtCrack has been rebranded as “LC5” under Symantec.

So annoying news. One after one spry security tools, products are being acquired by Symantec and other “big fishes”. Do you think that’s good news to the end users? I don’t think.

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Siemens Acquire Harbournetworks’ Telecom Product Lines with 110M$

December 30, 2005

A big news in telecom industry was reported yesterday. The famous telecom equipment vendor – Harbournetworks sell out its high-end product lines, including BigHammer  and PowerHammer series, to Siemens,for 110M$, ie. 880MRMB. Some core deveoping engineers and management will be transfered to Siemens along with the acquisition.

Harbournetworks is an emerging challenger at China telecom vendor market, after the “big three” of Huawei, ZTE and UTstarcom. However, at the mid-way of its IPO road, it was hurt badly by the lawsuit with Huawei and not-good-enough revenue number of this financial year. “the acquisition will help solve the lawsuit with Huawei”, an insider said. The acquisition means Harbournetwork won’t play at the telecom equipment arena so that it no longer compete against Huawei directly at China.

The acquisition is very meaningful to Harbournetworks, Siemens and Huawei, and even to the whole telecom equipment industry, including Cisco, Juniper. Because Siemens will be competing more effectively at the communication market, not only at Europe, but also at other regions, while Harbournetworks will be focusing on enterprise market.