China Unicom and 3G Licenses at China

“It’s the time for 3G license to be issued, because the technologies and market are reaching maturity”, said two officers of MII(Ministry of Information Industry), the minister Mr.Wang Xudong and vice minister Mr.Xi Guohua, yesterday. Moreover, Mr.Xi said at the year-end management conference of China Unicom that CUC won’t be splitted and hope to have its own 3G license, ie. CDMA2000. At the 3G arena, CUC will enjoy its advantages at 3G network upgrade. The upgrade cost of CDMA1x to CDMA2000 is around 1/3 of that of GSM/GPRS to WCDMA.

The industry are still full of gossips on the convergence of CUC and China Netcom, the most sensitive part of the “six into three” telecom operators re-org. According to some insiders, some CUC province companies at north China were undertaking many of capital-intensive projects to empty their capital deposit in order not to leave the money to the new company, while a few employees of CNC province companies at south China are hunting their new job opportunities.

All in all, the advantages of China Mobile (CMCC) will be enlarged along with any form of telecom operators re-org, not only because of their advantages of the simplicity of network and OSS/BOSS systems (therefore lower cost of maintenance and operations), but also the employee morale and management maturity.

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  1. zhaol says:

    China Telecom, China Mobile are striding to push their 3G trial networks to testify the equipments and networks. it’s reported that CTG is partnering with ZTE at Shanghai 3G trial.

    但风未起,树已动,中国各大运营商已经开始提前为牌照发放后面临的建网投资进行准备。据悉,中国电信已和中兴通讯合作,在上海扩大其3G试验网规模,中国卫通和联通也参与了测试。中国移动内部的3G规划已经基本完成,中移动各地分公司将承担网络建设任务。 据了解,“积极跟进、先行试验、培育市场、支持发展”一直是中国部署3G进程的十六字方针。

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