December 28, 2005

Light Reading 电信投资年会(Telecom Investment Conference)上,Verizon公司负责网络架构和公司战略的副总裁Stuart Elby(VP of Network Architecture & Enterprise Strategy)在主题发言中提到当前运营商的主要目标之一是整合网络,降低资本性支出CapEx,这也是电信运营商能够成功进入IPTV市场的关键。同时运营商还必须努力降低运行费用OpEx,而内部的服务管理是降低OpEx的重要手段,服务管理可以帮助在网络系统的生命周期上降低费用。同时,TelX公司首席战略官Hunter Newby表示话音业务将会免费,随处可及的免费的话音服务将会成为重要的竞争因素。但不再是电信企业的摇钱树。


Juniper Sues LightReading Message Boarders

December 28, 2005

It’s interesting to see the following news from LightReading that the telecom giant vendor Juniper sues about ten messager boarders at Lightreading.  See more.

Juniper Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPRmessage board) is taking a handful of Light Reading message board users to court, according to recent court filings.

The Sunnyvale, Calif., company filed a lawsuit in the California Superior Court of Santa Clara on December 14 claiming that it had been defamed and libeled by up to 10 persons unknown. These persons, referred to as “Does 1-10” in the court complaint (as in “John Doe,” or anonymous), are being accused by Juniper of posting harmful statements about the company and its executives on Light Reading‘s message boards.

很有意思的报道,Juniper状告LR论坛上面的若干(大概10余人)帖子主人侵犯了该公司声誉,对公司和一些高管构成了诽谤侵害。 感兴趣的朋友点击链接进入。

China Unicom and 3G Licenses at China

December 28, 2005

“It’s the time for 3G license to be issued, because the technologies and market are reaching maturity”, said two officers of MII(Ministry of Information Industry), the minister Mr.Wang Xudong and vice minister Mr.Xi Guohua, yesterday. Moreover, Mr.Xi said at the year-end management conference of China Unicom that CUC won’t be splitted and hope to have its own 3G license, ie. CDMA2000. At the 3G arena, CUC will enjoy its advantages at 3G network upgrade. The upgrade cost of CDMA1x to CDMA2000 is around 1/3 of that of GSM/GPRS to WCDMA.

The industry are still full of gossips on the convergence of CUC and China Netcom, the most sensitive part of the “six into three” telecom operators re-org. According to some insiders, some CUC province companies at north China were undertaking many of capital-intensive projects to empty their capital deposit in order not to leave the money to the new company, while a few employees of CNC province companies at south China are hunting their new job opportunities.

All in all, the advantages of China Mobile (CMCC) will be enlarged along with any form of telecom operators re-org, not only because of their advantages of the simplicity of network and OSS/BOSS systems (therefore lower cost of maintenance and operations), but also the employee morale and management maturity.

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