Jingle All The Way – Google Opens their tech within GTalk

December 22, 2005

An open standard at P2P and audio technology was published a few days ago by Jabber Software Foundation(JSF). It’s named Jingle, which is the background technology used within Google Talk, released in August 2005. From the beginning, we noticed that Google made its way into VoIP/IM market through a different way against Skype.

Basically the standard of Jingle is a set of extensions to the IETF’s Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) for use in voice over IP (VoIP), video, and other peer-to-peer multimedia sessions.

  • JEP-0166: Jingle Signalling — The core technology for peer-to-peer session management, which enables communication through existing firewalls and can be extended to support a wide range of session types. (Authored by Scott Ludwig and Joe Beda of Google, Peter Saint-Andre of the JSF, and Joe Hildebrand of Jabber Inc.)
  • JEP-0167: Jingle Audio — The session description format for Jingle audio sessions, enabling seamless one-to-one voice over IP (VoIP) between Jabber/XMPP users. (Authored by Scott Ludwig of Google and Peter Saint-Andre of the JSF.)
  • In addition to Google and Jabber Inc., the following companies and open-source projects have already pledged to support the Jingle protocols: Antepo, Cerulean Studios (Trillian), Coversant, Digium (Asterisk), Gaim, Jive Software, Novamens, Psi, SAPO, and Tipic. Support from additional vendors is expected in the near future.

    Every software vendors and individual programmers can make use of Jingle with LibJingle library. LibJingle adopts a Berkeley-Style license, which is of the least restriction to the developers. Armed with the openness, interoperability and marketing capacity of Google, Jingle is expected to be a good competitor and even a replacement to SIP, SIMPLE, and P2P SIP. At the same time, the strength of Jingle is the weakness of Skype, although Skype has been dominating the IM/P2P VoIP market.
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    December 22, 2005

    IBM购并Micromuse为2006年IT公司谁买谁又添上了浓重的一笔,同时为2006年的IT管理和网络管理软件市场的竞争加上了很多的不确定性。这个购并在CA购并Concord不到一年的(8个月)时间内出现,也让人们产生了很多联想。原来的IT管理软件Big Four (IBM, HP, CA, BMC)现在CA, IBM都有了新想法,HP或许对自己在网络上面还有自信。那BMC呢?是买?还是被买?这是个问题。

    2005年12月21日IBM宣布以8.65亿美元的价格(合每股10美元)收购网络管理软件供应商Micromuse. 而Micromuse还在不久前(2005年7月1日)以1600万美元收购过一个安全管理平台公司Guardnet,具备了其安全管理平台产品neuSecure。