Congratulations to CCClub

The first gathering of CCClub was held yesterday(Dec.18 2005) at Tsinghua University FIT Building with thanks to the great effort and hard work by Robin and ColaBaby and other friends. It’s a non-for-profit organization with focus on network and information security, its members cominng from security enterprises (e.g Cisco, Huawei, CA, Symantec, Nsfocus, iS-One, and etc. ) and and acdemic organizations,  such as (Tsinghua Univ., CNITSEC, and etc.)
During this gathering, some of experts introduced their findings and novel technologies on IPv6 security, security management and etc. Microsoft and Cisco, as the sponsor of this gathering, present on their security solutions on anti-virus and SDN/NAC respectively.

Congratulations! Good luck to CCClub.

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