NSFocus’s Products Got CVE Compliance Certificates

December 15, 2005

At Dec.6, according to the news, ICEYE (intrusion detection system) and AURORA (remote security assessment system), two products of NSfocus, a famous security technology company at China, got CVE compliance certificate.
I noticed Venustech,another famous security vendor, has gotten some certificates for its securit assessment and IDS products.
As we know, CVE is an international de-facto standard on security vulnerabilities and exposures, receiving increasing acceptance from security vendors. It will benefit the product selling, especially into the international market, to paste the CVE-Compabible or CVE-Compliance label on their products. I would rather regard those CVE certificates as something like the passport, or the signal to the oversea security market. It’s easy to predict that there will be more vendors at China will send their products for the CVE certificates in the coming months.

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