Online Charging System (OCS) of China Telecom

Just learned from a post by Hulu, China Telecom is undertaking research on an online  charging system  (OCS) , by its R&D center at Shanghai. The goal of OCS is to take hte pre-paid services out of SCP of IN and then consolidate them with those post-paid services at BOSS, and even including some data management in their CRM systems.

The support vendors include Huawei, Siemens(partnering with Longshine), HP(parnering with CSG) and Lianchuang. Addtionally, some trials for OCS had been done at China Telecom R&D center at Guangzhou.

OCS(ON LINE CHARGING SYSTEM)的调研,支撑单位是上海院.OCS方案主要是从智能网SCP中剥离出预付费,将预付费和后付费融合,做在BOSS或单独一个数据模块上,包括CRM的一些数据管理.由于3G执照发放的不确定因素,CT也考虑分几个步骤去做:如果执照发放的早并且拥有一张G网(或C网),CT就会利用原有移动资源再逐渐将预付费和后付费融合;如果牌照发放得晚,CT就会新建一个移动智能网,直接将预付费从SCP中拿出,即OCS方案.




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