Live software, network computer and on-demand computing

Live software is very attrative, although it’s likely just reprint of concepts of network computer and on-demand computing.  Let’s see how Bill Gates defined “Live Software”:

In his presentation Tuesday, Gates described Live Software as software that works with many devices so user data and services are more portable. In this scenario, users do not have to sync up or reload personal information or services onto each device they use, but can access what they need whenever they want it, he said.

“One of the key principals of Live Software is it works with many devices,” Gates said. “Instead of the device being central as it has been in the past, forcing the user to move the data round, the kind of software we’re talking about today remembers what the user wants and then when the user shows up on any device, the services are brought down on any device.”

The vision Gates presented sounds similar to “the-network-is-the-computer” vision Sun Microsystems Inc. has been painting for some time, a vision in which myriad devices are linked to the Internet and can provide services to users as they travel and access the Web from different devices.

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