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Facetime unveils its competitive next generation technology, named Day Zero Defense System, built in its industry leading products – IMAuditor 6.5.1. 

  • # IM Anomaly Detection – intelligently monitors IM communications and performs behavioral analysis across multiple attributes including message frequency, content, and message sender to determine anomalies against normal thresholds set by the organization.
  • # Zero-Day Policy Management- Provides administrators complete flexibility in defining the actions to be taken on IM communications when an anomaly is detected, including block, allow, log, send alert, challenge, and more. The system provides comprehensive reporting on all activity.
  • # Patent-pending Challenge/Response Technology – allows administrators to quarantine suspicious IM conversations and initiate a challenge to the sender which requires a human to successfully respond to the challenge. This stops malicious threats created by computer bots and allows uninterrupted delivery of legitimate communications sent by human sources
  • # Integration with FaceTime Security Labs – New threats are automatically reported to researchers for further analysis and evaluation by the largest security team dedicated to IM, P2P and spyware threats.

Currently there have been a few known products to address IM threats, such as Facetime (IM Guardian RTG500), IMLogic(IM Manager), SurfControl(Instant Message Filter), Websense, BlueCoat(ProxySG 400), Akonix(L7 Enterprise).  SC Magzine tested a group of those products at Aug.27, 2004, see the following test summary:

The ease of use combined with the vast array of functionality offered by Websense Enterprise 5.2 wins it the Best Buy award. The product’s rich enterprise functionality incorporating excellent IM security was very impressive. For large enterprises looking for a dedicated solution to IM security, the FaceTime FTG500 Guardian is a very strong contender. It offers a high-end solution and is highly configurable to the needs of even the largest environments, and so wins the Recommended award.

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  1. zhaol says:

    Some vulnerabilities are even exploited as “zero-day,” meaning that the exploit appears before the vulnerability is formally disclosed. In chinese,

    “0-day” 攻击是指漏洞的利用方法或者工具、程序等在漏洞发布之前出现的情况下造成的攻击。

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