TOP 5 Security Risks for Instant Messaging

October 26, 2005

IMLogic publishes two Top 5 Security Risks for Instant Messaging in 2004 and 2005, respectively. In 2005, the top 5 is as below:

  1. Blended Threats Include Instant Messaging
  2. Identity Theft, Spoofing, and Phishing over IM
  3. Advanced Spyware and SPAM over IM
  4. Information Security Leaks over IM
  5. Targeted Attacks on Enterprise Domains

while the top 5 in 2004 is:

  1. Viruses and Worms over IM
  2. Identity Theft and Authentication Spoofing
  3. Tunneling Through Firewalls
  4. Information Security Leaks
  5. SPIM or Spam over Instant Messaging

What differs 2005 against 2004 is that the priority of SPAM/SPIM: increased to 3rd from 5th. The openness and inter-op of IM services and clients will worsen the SPAM/SPIM threats in the near future.

Virus infections are most often sent via file transfers that bypass traditional gateway anti-virus security. IM and P2P attacks also push URLs to malicious code hosted on the Internet which can be downloaded and executed on local machines.

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First post via Flock

October 26, 2005

Have you downloaded and installed ? That’s quite easy and straightforward. Go to to find more.

Once I began to add accounts, I found one “maybe as design” bug:

if you have two blog acounts, with the same title, when you try to add the second one, the first one will be replaced, rather than just add.

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