China Telecom Evolvement for Ten Years

1994 is a special year for telecom enterprises at China. Before that year, telecom is a function of the state government, no commercial services and operations. At that year, China Telecom was split off into an enterprise to provide all-telecom-services to the whole country. And at that year, China Unicom was founded to lead in market competition.

2nd year of milestone is 1997. At that year, China Telecom was further split into two parts: China Posts and China Telecom. And at that year, I graduated from Peking University and began to work for China Telecom, Data Communiction Bureau (DCB).

3rd year worthy of attention is 1999, when China Mobile was spin off to a stand alone company. Telecom industry entered into a new era. (BTW, I left DCB at 2000 to find my fortune).

4th year to be mentioned is 2002, when China Telecom was further splitted into two parts: China Netcom (10 provinces at north china) and China Telecom (21 provinces at South China). (Right click to “view image” to see the clearer picture)

China Telecom Evolvement


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