Advice for US Companies in China by Kaifu Lee

China economy and IT market are exciting and attrative. It’s lucrative to some multi-natioinal companies, while a waterloo to many of them and their SVP/EVP/MD/GMs. Why? A good slides by Kaifu Lee disclose his findings at China. Click to download.

  • Build strong government relationships
  • Play by China’s market rules
  • Make a long-term commitment
  • The local economy is the top priority
  • Nurture local people
  • Build trust, not PRUnique power of government
  • Relationships required at all levels
  • The spirit of the law matters more
  • China’s culture is built on trust, relationships, mutual respect.
  • The concept of “face” is very important.
  • Avoid sensitivities and find every opportunity to make China look good
  • Negotiations are bottom-up and informal.

Thanks to Dr.Lee’s excellent summary. It’s very valuable to read.


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