It’s not a P2P blocker, it’s a “Skype Filtering Technology.”

October 14, 2005

A heavyweight annoucement about P2P/IM filtering product help those telecom companies block/filter P2P applications. See detailed info at theinquirer.

LAST WEEK, Verso Technologies announced the rollout of a “carrier-grade applications filter” that can block so-called bandwidth drains such as Skype, P2P messaging, streaming media, and instant messaging. Skype is singled out in the headline of the press release. It’s not a P2P blocker, it’s a “Skype Filtering Technology.”

Verso said their patent-pending technology – SideScan, on content filtering and bandwidth optimization, had been built into their NetSpective series products to help those telecom operators to fight against those applications they hate. The solution is composed of three components: NetSpective Webfilter, NetSpective P2Pfilter, and Verso NetAuditor.

It’s their rights to defend their territory and hate those P2P applications occupying bandwidth without charging while rob away their voice revenue. That’s a ecosystem. Skype must study how to face those kind of pressure and threats from telco companies and try to negotiate while fight back.

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