Skype vs. GTalk, Which You Prefer?

When you seach Gtalk and Skype, you will be flooded by the millions of results. They seems to be the anchor of eyeballs, once after the release of Gtalk last month. The purchse of Skype by eBay cancelled the guess of feasibility of acquisition by Google and no doubt will lead to cruel competition against to each other. Recently, some Gtalk chinese user groups were founded to help localize and spread GTalk,e.g. Goudan. I have to admit that Dr.Kaifu Lee‘s joining Google help convert a lot of young students and other fans into GTalk users, but my current choise is Skype. 🙂 .

Let’s investigate and try to compare them from a few perspectives.

Outlook: Skype win
That completely depend on each user’s feeling and attitude. I prefer Skype to GTalk at this moment, unless GTalk grows quickly in a few months.

Features: Skype win
I downloaded Gtalk once after its release and tried to chat/talk to one of friends and then uninstalled and continue to use Skype. Frankly, while Skype has been a full-fledged IM/VoIP client, GTalk is still in its beta stage without those useful and common features that a mature client should have.

Ease to install and use: Draw
Both of them are very each to download and install by one-click. GTalk is a little bit smaller than Skype.

Security: Skype win (if only you trust what Skype promise, Or GTalk win)
Skype claims that it use strong encryption from end to end and packet inspection approved that, While GTalk client can not configure to use encrypted network connection. Of course, old hands can make use of STunnel to encrypt traffic, however, that’s not the built-in security mechanism of GTalk. But the point is nobody knows what and how Skype does under the encrypted channels. It’s said Skype will release something on its security mechanism to assure its users and enterprise IT managers. That will be beneficial to the competition.

Openness: GTalk win
GTalk client can be configured to use the existing Jabber-compatible clients, such as GAIM and XMPP is claimed to be used to interop with other IM/VoIP islands. Skype only opens its binary APIs, nothing about its protocol.


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