Identifying P2P users using traffic analysis

Identifying P2P users using traffic analysis” is a good article by Yiming Gong published at securityfocus infocus column.

With the emergence of Napster in the fall of 1999, peer to peer (P2P) applications and their user base have grown rapidly in the Internet community. With the popularity of P2P and the bandwidth it consume, there is a growing need to identify P2P users within the network traffic.

 while we can find similar idea at the paper named “Transport Layer Identification of P2P Traffic”, bye Thomas Karagiannis and etc. this paper help advance the idea and methodology there.  It’s not reasonable to connent “identifying” with “blocking P2P at China”, just because Yiming from China talked about “Identifying of P2P traffic”. For those telco operators, “identifying” can enable telco operators bill P2P traffic precisely so as to launch more telecom service packages to the market. Only under support from network service providers, P2P applications obtain a healthy environment to develop.


2 Responses to Identifying P2P users using traffic analysis

  1. Certainly Telcos can make more money by dividing up traffic. They invented the idea. As long as they have a monopoly they will continue to do so.

    However, they are doomed. They need to read Rise of the Stupid Network, by David Isenberg

    Regards, Bill

  2. zhaol says:

    Just as the CEO of Skype said that only when telcos and other parties in the food chain could find profit,P2P applications can develop. That’s a fair market.

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