China Security Market Entering Warring States

In recent days I went to visit and talk with some friends at Venustech, Nsfocus, Topsec, iS-One, BOCO, Lenovo Security, Huawei, which are big-fish players at china domestic security market. I found they are by far more mature than the exciting “gold rush” age – 2000, not only the products and services, but also the management idea and marketing strategy.

After a few years of dramastic competing against to each other, while some pioneers has expired their security business, the above survivors, though with missteps and high people turn over, are dornimating the security market and trend. Some of them are branches of public listing company, while some of them are around the corner of IPO. Each of them has its own niche customer base and competitive advantages. No company can monopoly or control a whole industry or territory.

Venustech: Strong relationship with government and product selling at e-Gov market. Recently it increased its products line by launching of a series of firewalls developed together with Horbournetworks. Venustech is on its way to IPO.

Nsfocus: Famous for its security technical experts and vulnerablity discovery.

Topsec: The first security company at China with firewall products. After a few years of “bourgeois” performance at the arena, Topsec began to introduce venturing capital from SoftBank and OEM an IDS products from Korea in order to build one more complete “total solution”. TNA (Trusted Network Arch) has been its marketing security model.  Topsec is on its way to IPO.

iS-One: The leader of security market before 2003, where I worked as Chief Strategy Officer during 2000-2003, founded the R&D department and lead the team to develop a series of firewall/IDS products, named as LinkTrust series. In fact, at around the late 2000, a research project targeted at security management platform was kicked off, while a three-in-one (firewall, IDS, and anti-virus) roadmap was defined with a high expectation. Regardless what happened thereafter, I am proud of the vision to security technology trend.

BOCO: A strong system integrator at telecom industry. Its security division is penetrating into more and more existing customers of its network management solutions.

Lenovo Security: Security division was splitted from Lenovo group at the first half of this year.

Huawei: A telecom giant and will-be dorminator of security market.


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  1. zhaol says:

    in deed, there are much of gossips about the acquisitions and people leaving to these security companies, particularly to Lenovo, is-one and nsfocus. It’s said that Lenovo Security is under a management adjustment related to Asiainfo’s company reorgnization of their business lines, while iS-One is seeking potential buyer. As to the possibility of acquisition of Lenovo Security and Nsfocus, i believe it’s not the time under such circumstances.

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