DDoS by mobile phone: is it a goer?

At the Register , John Leyden predicted a new threats to mobile phones: SMS DDoS. This kind of threats will be significant, especially when SMS network is carried by public IP networks. Telco companies would better carry their IN and soft-switch network with different IP core than common Internet applications.

Mobile phone networks could be swamped by text messages to phones in a denial of service attack by hackers, academics warn. A paper by Enck, Traynor, McDaniel, and La Porta of Pennsylvania State University explains that if too many text messages are sent to phones in the the same cell of a mobile network at the same time the cell’s control channel might be monopolised, preventing new calls from being initiated.

The academics suggest it might be possible to deny voice service to cities the size of Washington with “little more than a cable modem” by sending hundreds of SMS messages a second from a broadband connected PC.


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