DDoS by mobile phone: is it a goer?

October 10, 2005

At the Register , John Leyden predicted a new threats to mobile phones: SMS DDoS. This kind of threats will be significant, especially when SMS network is carried by public IP networks. Telco companies would better carry their IN and soft-switch network with different IP core than common Internet applications.

Mobile phone networks could be swamped by text messages to phones in a denial of service attack by hackers, academics warn. A paper by Enck, Traynor, McDaniel, and La Porta of Pennsylvania State University explains that if too many text messages are sent to phones in the the same cell of a mobile network at the same time the cell’s control channel might be monopolised, preventing new calls from being initiated.

The academics suggest it might be possible to deny voice service to cities the size of Washington with “little more than a cable modem” by sending hundreds of SMS messages a second from a broadband connected PC.


Which’s best? BlogChina, I170, or WordPress

October 10, 2005



Blogchina提 供的功能倒是不少,带有置顶、展开|收缩等实用功能,但是系统极不稳定,经常出现fatal error,网速很慢,所以失望之余,也想向各位分享此经历。还有不少报到方兴东同学刚刚融到VC资金,博客中国成功变身云云,blogchina变为 bokee好像好多好多的博客们不太高兴。


WordPress的 风格简约,网速还可以,管理员响应速度很快,感觉不错。基于invite邀请的模式能够保证其不会迅速变“烂”,管理员也表示了管理网站的决心和行动。问 题是最近几天网站连续出现访问慢,甚至系统失去响应的情况。并且,有些政治敏感因素将有被封锁的风险,影响国内访问。

China adopts ISO17799:2000 as national standard

October 10, 2005

China government authority announced that ISO17799:2000 was adopted as a national security standard GB/T 19716-2005, and would be put into practice at this Oct.

As the advance of ISO17799:2000, ISO17799:2005 has been released at this June, while the requirements part will be numbered as ISO27001:2005 and released before the end of this year. The most significant modification is the increase of one security control domain on security incident management to 11.