Encrypt your GTalk with Stunnel

By accident I read the post by TombKeeper on how to Encrypt your Gtalk with stunnel. Because it’s in Chinese. Here i try to interpret a bit on his findings.

GTalk is an interesting IM/VoIP client by GOOGLE. It uses Jabber protocol, an open – source framework for P2P communications. Out of box GT doesn’t support encryption of its traffic. However, Tombkeeper found it could support encryption when you use GAIM client to communicate with GTalk server. So he found the way using stunnel to encrypt GTalk. What he did is as the following steps:

1 insert one line at the file : %SyetemRoot%/system32/drivers/etc/hosts: talk.google.com

2 insert the following at stunnel.conf:

[Google Talk]
accept =
connect = talk.google.com:5223

3 and then reboot the Stunnel, followed by start of google talk.

Click for more information on Stunnel


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