Another “Skype”? – Gizmo Project

do you use Gizmo? or do you have the experience to use it ever?

according to Scott Granneman, at his article at, Gizmo seems a skype-killer, a real alternative to skype, just like what Yahoo comments.

how about your view point and experience? share with me, with us?


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  1. Hey Richard!

    Project Gizmo is an interesting product. I have tested it. I like it. It has a lots of potential. With a lot of imagination it could be a Skype Killer. But I doubt it.

    The Project lacks decent funding compared to Google. There are some huge technical hurdles to overcome. P2P architecture with supernodes to connect users and end2end encrytion.

    Assuming the Gizmo people could do it in a year the game will be over. Skype will have 150 million users on it global network. Skype will so dominate the voice on the net space they will be unstopable.

    Still Gizmo and Google should press on… Skype could have a misstep. Skype is very fragile right now. The heat is on. One misstep and if someone has the technology ready they could take over.

  2. Richard says:

    Thanks the great info share from Bill.

    according to Scott, Gizmo uses open standards, such as SIP for its VoIP signal, Jabber for its IM, and encrypts its traffic.

    funding is not a problem for a startup with perfect technology. it depends only on its management team.

  3. VxJasonxV says:

    This looks EXCELLENT. I’m glad I go through posts in my dashboard occasionally :).

    I’m adding your feed to my RSS Reader and will keep up, thank you for this post, and Bill C. for your comment!

    I am now the proud owner of a virtual number in the state I’m moving too, and the features look perfect!

    Thanks again.

  4. […] 据VoIPWiki Blog估计,当前【2006/1/4】的Skype注册用户数大约在7400万左右,每天的通话时长高达5000万分钟。并且用户数量还在以每个月600万的速度增长。但是作者估计在2006年Skype的增长速度将会放缓,主要是受到来自电信运营商、Vonage/CallVantage等VoIP运营商、GoogleTalk/MSN/Yahoo等基于IM的VoIP提供商等的竞争威胁影响。另外,像Gizmo这样的技术跟随者也会对Skype造成影响,甚至被成为Skype的杀手级应用。相信后面还会有更多的追随者、模仿者出现,而解决了互连互通问题后,剩下的比拼就是价格和服务质量了。 […]

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