Intellectual Property Protection

At the story at , the author commented on the ISP control at China to protect intellectul property and copyrights. Baidu will pay for its “due care” or overlook at its obligation when providing search services. When you choose to IPO at oversea stock market, you must learn to prepare yourself as soon as possible to the potential legal disputes outside. That will be a lesson that Baidu will take.

Similar to Internet search services, as to P2P softwares, IP protection keeps the most challenging issue at their grown. when some day you decide to develop an P2P-based software or services for file sharing, something downloading, and etc., please think over legal issues and therefore the corresponding mechanism to implement.

China is strengthening its IP protection control gradually in order to connect itself to the world.


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  1. Richard says:

    this morning i heard China Radio International (CRI) broadcasted one interview on the IPR protection in China. More issues and legal activities are expected to those free download sites, especially those for music, ebooks,…

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