IM/P2Ps not only applications, but platforms

Stuart Henshall wrote a good post at skypejournal. I agree. IM/P2P applications are becoming so popular that almost every internet users make use of one or more at their everyday life and biz. Their biz value are exceeding common applications. Let’s look them as platforms, just like those operating systems, networking systems. in other words, dorminators at IM/P2P will capture benefit just like MSFT and telco’s.

MSFT acquired Groove at April this year and re-orged itself into 3 BU from 7, where windows and MSN merged into one. further reactions are expected against the competing from Skype, Dianji(China), Google, and etc.

However, there are not reactions rolled out from those telco companies. In China, China Telecom was developing its own IM last year to provide chat/soft phone and other services, however, no marketing program yet.


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