P2P, SIP and Security

For the past couple of days, Erik has posted discussions on SIP based P2P and security issues. These discussions are in audio format and are really interviews with Cullen Jennings, Rohan Mahy and Erik’s interview to Voxilla. The following is a quick summary and my thoughts. But it is different to summarize an audio portion compare to a written one; it is easier to go back to a written page; it is easier to search for a segment. This is to suggest that I might not have fully got the points made by the speakers. If you have not already heard these pieces, you may do well to give a listen. Erik and Cullen talk about an ad-hoc meeting of people interested in SIP based P2P system at the recent IETF meeting. It really looks like this meeting was a big “tent”; because it included people who are interested in this technology for different applications. For more, click P2P, SIP and Security.


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