Security management deeply involved into enterprise infrastructure management

运营商(也包括广电运营商和数据中心)总是不断地寻求新的技术手段以最大限度地挖掘网络潜力、提高每用户营收、提高单位带宽的营收、寻找新的利润增长 点、开发新的业务组合、降低客户流失。这些新的措施包括控制P2P业务流、对家庭和SOHO用户提供�级化(差异化)的服务以替代当前施行中的大包月资 费、 对商业客户提供服务质量保障(SLA)、提升自身在未来话音、视频和数据三重业务(Triple Play)市场的竞争力。


Security management is having a much wide meaning to those telecommunication carriers, bandwidth mangement, performance management, traffic shaping, identity and accounting…. I am fraid that you can not find out what’s not security related.


3 Responses to Security management deeply involved into enterprise infrastructure management

  1. Ken says:

    almost every infrastructure equipment vendor has their security solutions. even Cisco is the no.1 security appliance provider, while juniper is increasing its security solution capability by a series acquisition, including netscreen. in China, Huawei, and Horbournetworks are investing on security….

  2. heatheranne says:

    Hi there. Looking forward to reading more. 🙂

  3. Richard says:

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