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Skype Journal is a portal to skype technologies, for those who care / like / are using skype. While skype is a buzz word and booming all over the world, but due to the legal limitation, Tom and Skype can not do the same way as in other regions. I wonder why not they co-venture a company with those Railcom or other carriers with licenses of VoIP services at China…


2 Responses to Skype Journal

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love Skype Journal!!!

    It is awesome. Over 10,000 unique vistors per day!

    It is the largest independent news source about Skype.

    Yes, I am biased. I am the Technical Editor. 🙂 🙂

    Bill Campbell

  2. Hi2005 says:

    hello, Bill,
    i can not believe my eyes. yes, it’s you, the great, technical editor of Skype Journal. Welcome!

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