Skype Protocol Reverse-Engineering

September 12, 2005

Do you believe that a researcher from China claimed that he has broken into the protocol used by Skype, ie. he can open skypenet without the skype client. In fact, a mini-skype is under developing with his own code.

Might you want to skype him at: callto://shreksz/


Google与微软eBay等全?开战 到底想干什么

September 12, 2005

An interesting blog entry at:

Just as what I comment a few days ago: while Microsoft dorminate the desktop operating systems, Google will dorminate the desktop information.

M2M-X by NTT

September 12, 2005

I run into a document by NTT, which described a platform based on P2P and IPv6.

M2M-X means "Machine to Machine for any[thing|place|time]", where the "m2m-x Management Server" functions as:
Access control
Issuance/distribution of encryption keys
Visible only for authorized peers
Firewall control

Oops, do you have any comments on it?

Skype Journal

September 12, 2005

Skype Journal is a portal to skype technologies, for those who care / like / are using skype. While skype is a buzz word and booming all over the world, but due to the legal limitation, Tom and Skype can not do the same way as in other regions. I wonder why not they co-venture a company with those Railcom or other carriers with licenses of VoIP services at China…

Google Talk vs Skype

September 12, 2005

I installed Google Talk and uninstalled it today. ie. I choose Skype instead of GT. Skype encrypts its traffic while GT not.

PS: see my late post at GTalk vs Skype.